DIY Rustic Looks for Your Home

It is now normal to see repurposed goods, vintage items and antique designs used as décor items within the home. This rustic décor is a great way to show off your “shabby chic” side without actually being shabby. Most rustic items feature wood finishing and lots of pastels, and this helps brighten up any room while giving it a clean, antique aura. When paired with a uniquely modern eye, these DIY rustic looks can totally transform your living space for the better.

Check out some of these easy DIY rustic looks you can create for your home.

Raw Edge Wooden Slab Shelf

This is a simple project you can do to give your bathroom or entryway a facelift. You can make it with a single raw wood slab that will give your home a naturally earthy, rustic look. This wood slab shelf suits all décor styles from modern farmhouse to minimalist and is a great place to place an air-purifying house plant, trinkets or decorative jars.

Distressed Wood and Rock Centerpiece

If you love to collect rocks, this is a great DIY rustic project for you. It is simple yet alluring and makes for a perfect dining table centerpiece. All you need are a distressed wood board with a whitewash finish and some smooth rocks or pebbles. The wood boards give a relaxed farmhouse feel, and the rocks are perfect for framing rustic candlesticks, fragrance diffusers or plants. You can also choose to replace the rocks with seashells.

Jute Rugs

Placing jute rugs in strategic places in your home is a very simple and minimalist way of creating a rustic look. It gives off an earthy and cosy vibe and adds some fun to the overall look of your home. Go for a circular shaped jute rug and pair it with a leaning mirror or beside a giant, standing house plant.

Textured Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a great way to infuse variety and texture into your décor. For an easy and fun DIY project, make one with a nice crisscross design and be sure to infuse some color into it. The crisscross design will help your dreamcatcher look and feel more alive. For a more bohemian look, finish it off with some feathers, whistles or bells.

Raw Wood Candle Holder

This candle holder is a perfect fit for any season. It is made with raw woodcut in a circular shape and dug out to fit most regular candle sizes. With its rough wood finishing and rugged masculine feel, this candle holder will be perfect both as a set or a single standalone décor item.

Antique Kitchen

Rustic décor has become the go-to choice when it comes to home décor, specially for kitchens. Try out any of the DIY rustic home decors listed above and watch your home transform into a magical antique space. If you would like to see some rustic kitchen DIY ideas, check out these antique off white kitchen cabinets. You will even learn ways to recycle your existing, older cabinets and giving them a newer, more stylish look.