Child-Friendly DIY Activities for the Home

Renovating a home doesn’t need to be an adults-only job. There are plenty of smaller DIY activities around the house that your kids can get involved in. Creativity is the key to making it work, as is being able to think outside the box. Involving kids in DIY is also a great way of teaching them a new skill and encouraging responsibility – so long as they don’t severely botch up a paint job!

If you’re looking for a way to involve your kids in renovating or redecorating your home, below are a few child-friendly DIY activities that you can do together.

Painting and Staining

Depending on the ages of your kids, getting them involved with painting, staining, or wall decorating can be a fun affair. If you’re staining baseboards, for example, your kids can learn how to help with sanding or varnishing. Or, if they’re old enough and capable, getting them to help out with painting the walls is also a great activity. All it requires is laying out a few ground rules to ensure that they’re helping rather than hindering.

Choosing New Interior Designs

If your refurb or renovations haven’t started yet, you can also ask your kids for input on the interior designs. If you’re designing their bedroom, for example, picking out colors, furniture, and decorations together can be fun and rewarding for them. You may even want to jazz up their wall radiators with color or paneling, in which case, you can look at together for some unique ideas.

Theming the Bathroom

It is common practice these days to create a theme for the bathroom. Popular among these is a nautical or nature feel, and it can be fun for kids to unleash their imagination and get involved with. If you’ve already selected the designs and the materials, get them to help out with displaying trinkets or objects or putting up decals and wall hangings. 

Making Wall Art 

If your child wants to update their bedroom walls, making wall art together is another great DIY activity. Not only does it give your child some autonomy and say over what their room looks like, but it’s also a brilliant activity for stirring up their creative juices. If you’re stuck for ideas, Woohome has outlined 28 examples of wall art and designs that are easy to do.

Updating the Garden

Kids love to get their hands dirty, so what better way to put that desire to use than to involve them with the gardening? Whether it’s creating colorful planters out of Lego or making a watering can out of household items, kids will love to be involved with gardening activities. You could even plant a vegetable garden together or build a mini greenhouse as part of an ongoing project.

Getting your kids involved with DIY is a great way to get them active around the house. It teaches them new skills and encourages responsibility while allowing you to bond and be creative in the process.