How Do You Protect Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs from the Elements

There is nothing like smelling the fresh breeze outside. All the more if it just happens to be in your very own backyard. It is not only healthy for the body, but also for the soul. So make sure that regardless of how large or small your backyard space is, you have a nice and cosy nook to savour nature and share the same experience to the other people in your life.

You can set up a sitting area that can also serve as an outdoor dining set. This way, you can maximise whatever limited space you may have but having more than one purpose for the nook.

There are many options to choose from. Click here for more outdoor dining sets that can serve as inspiration to kick start your outdoor project. Add other enhancements to your outdoor dining set like a bar setup.

So if you have already locked in on how you want to design it, do not forget to remember these important tips on how to protect your furniture from the natural elements.

Shield Them

An outdoor umbrella is usually the top of mind option when setting up protection for an outdoor sitting area or outdoor dining set.

Typically seen in coffee shops, these PVC-lined umbrellas are sturdy enough to shield your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun, which if unprotected will ruin the overall quality of your outdoor dining set.

If you happen to live in a state where the cold weather is longer than the summer days, then you may want to have a backup for the umbrella to ensure the longevity of your outdoor dining set’s life.

Seal Them

Whether you are using plastic, wood or steel furniture for your outdoor dining set, it is important that you use protective spray to prolong their lives and serve you long term.

Come wet or dry weather, heat or snow, you can be assured that the elements will not disintegrate your outdoor dining set by using water seal to waterproof wooden furniture. There is also rust protection seal available in the market for those steel table legs and chairs. You can also spray fabric protector for the cushion seats and pillows that you may have added to your outdoor dining set, as part of the whole outdoor aesthetic.

Store Them

If you are the type who is against using any chemicals in protecting your outdoor dining set, then you can opt to have furniture covers custom-made to its size and dimensions.

You can choose waterproof materials in making them such as PVC or plastic, which are both easy to clean up after usage.

The covers can weather any changes to temperature or season and is more practical since you can reuse it for other furniture aside from your outdoor dining set.

All of these options are not that expensive and will be a good investment so your furniture are kept safe from the harsh elements and change of weather.