A Guide for Introducing More Period Features to Your Property

While some people love a more modern and minimalist home, others simply adore period design features and a home with a more classic or traditional feel. If this is your taste, but your current design does not quite fit the bill for what you are looking for, here is how you can add more of a period touch to your property

Have New Period-Style Windows Fitted  

Buying new windows doesn’t mean that you have to have the very latest in modern design. You can have new windows fitted which still adhere to a period style, both in color and shape. When considering color, think about darker colors like mahogany wood instead of bright white PVC. 

Install an Antique-Style Fireplace 

Fireplaces simply scream period property, because they are traditional features, synonymous with cozy nights around the fire by candlelight. You can browse antique fireplace designs for the perfect fit for your room, whether updating an existing fireplace or having a new one fitted all together. 

Use Darker Colors 

While you can still use brighter colors like white or cream to make a period property work, old-fashioned style is better suited with darker and more sumptuous colors, if you don’t mind being a little bolder. Rich and deep colors like reds or olive green can work well with dark wood features, to make deeply rich, period-style rooms. 

If you would rather stick with brighter colors, or just plain white, think about additions you can make to add a more period feel, such as a period border on the wall, or wood paneling

Switch Your Lighting 

Modern and bright LED lights will have no place in a period property. Think instead about classically-styles lampshades, or even more bold traditional features like a chandelier. You also want your bulbs to have more of a warm light than a cold, blue light, and candlelight will always work best in a period room, too, so candlesticks are a must!

Use Patterns 

Traditional styles and patterns see bold colors and rich designs, such as floral or filigree, so you may want to introduce these to your soft furnishings especially, like curtains and couch cushions. 

If you’re looking for a period bedroom, then you’ll certainly want a bedspread rich in patterns and color. 

Choose Old-Fashioned Artwork

If you want to use artwork to best complement your traditional taste, then think about more classical pieces of art, such as landscape and portrait paintings. 

Don’t just think about the artwork itself, either: the framing will make all the difference. You want classical pieces to be framed in traditional styles, such as golden or silver filigree, rather than something modern like plain black metal. 

Take Away 

What matters most when opting for a more traditional and period design is consistency; the overall effect won’t be successful if you mix too much modern design with classical pieces. If you’re going for a period style, it’s best to commit and go all the way.