Ring-in a Great Wedding Celebration


It is perhaps the biggest event in your lifetime.

When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to go off without a hitch, though most couples will tell you the stress leading up to the wedding is 10 times more intense than the actual day itself.

That said you can lessen the angst heading up to the big day by making sure you have everything in order (at least as much as you can).

From the clothing to the rings to the catering, there is much to do in order to pull off everything, sending guests home with great memories, while the two of you head off on the much anticipated honeymoon.

So, are you ready to ring-in a great wedding celebration?

Get the Planning Out of the Way

As nervous as one or both of you may be on your wedding day, there is plenty to plan leading up to that special occasion.

In the event you’re not sure you have everything covered, here are some of the essentials, items you simply can’t afford to overlook:

  1. Rings – What would that big day be like if one or both rings were forgotten? Whether opting for men’s and women’s silicone rings or another such style, make sure the best man and/or matron or maid of honor doesn’t forget to bring the rings to the ceremony. As for the ring shopping ahead of the wedding, couples typically go jewelry shopping together, though some couples are opting to shop for and ultimately buy rings online these days. Either way, make sure you have the right style and fit, making your wedding day all the more special;
  2. Clothing – The bride’s dress is ultimately the clothing item that stands out on the wedding day, though the groom can look sharp himself with a nice tuxedo. When it comes to bridesmaids and the ushers, they typically will have matching outfits, respectively. As any bride will tell you, although she wants her bridesmaids to look great, they should never outshine the main celebrity on this day. As with the rings, give yourselves plenty of time when it comes to getting the wedding clothing fit and altered (if necessary), thereby avoiding any last-minute surprises;
  3. Venues – Given some couples do not always opt for the traditional church wedding these days, you might decide to have your wedding in a less formal setting. Weddings on the beach, in a park, perhaps even in a courtroom are certainly not out of the ordinary. No matter what the venue may be, make sure you have it reserved well in advance. The same holds true for the reception, a gathering that oftentimes will take place in a rental hall, resort, perhaps even outdoors. If you are opting for the outdoors for the wedding, reception, perhaps both, be sure to keep the weather in mind. For example, a couple in Florida getting married in the middle of summer will likely have to deal with both heat and humidity, perhaps some rain too;
  4. Menu – Last but certainly not least, make sure you have the wedding reception food and drink menus covered. After a beautiful wedding ceremony, you and your family and friends will want to celebrate this joyous occasion. Doing that means making sure you have a nice reception to bring everyone together once again on this special day. Get your food and drink menus organized months ahead of time, allowing guests to choose what type of meal they want. Typically, you will give them anywhere from two to four selections for the main course. Also make it clear whether it will be a cash bar or not. Lastly, the wedding cake can’t be forgotten, so make sure you design and order that in advance too.

Before all is said and done, you will have likely pulled off a fantastic wedding, one in which you will have memories to last you a lifetime.

Also, once the wedding and reception are both in the books, you can then start to think about your honeymoon.

Best of all, the two of you will be the only ones on it, with family and friends just a distant (yet temporary memory).