4 Tips Mom Can Use for Better Family Health


For millions of moms across the country, taking care of their families is the first and foremost responsibility.

Yes, some moms can go a little bit overboard in such efforts, but the majority of them will do whatever it takes to make sure their loved ones are happy and healthy.

That being the case, moms should be thinking about how to keep their families on the healthy side of things as 2017 unfolds.

While you can never guarantee a child or even a spouse won’t come down with something, injure themselves at work or play, perhaps even get into a serious auto accident, you can lessen the odds.

From using commonsense to making sure your loved ones have as much education and protection in front of them each and every day, do your best to watch out for them.

In return, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that they are healthy, along with some TLC being returned your way.

Make 2017 the Family’s Healthiest Year Yet

So that your family’s 2017 will prove as healthy as can be, keep a few tips in mind:

  1. Colds and flu – The most notorious visitors to one’s home (especially in the wintertime) are colds and the flu. When it comes to both of them, make sure you and your loved ones have as little exposure as possible. For the kid or kids in school, remind them to not touch surfaces where germs can gather, along with always avoiding those who are sick. Kids also need to remember to wash their hands multiple times during the day, especially if they come in contact with other students and any teachers exhibiting cold symptoms. As for avoiding the flu, washing hands again is of prime importance. Also make sure your kids are well hydrated and eat healthy foods to keep their immune systems in good shape. For you and/or your spouse, practice the same important hygiene matters as your little ones, especially when it comes to washing hands regularly;
  2. Dealing with pain – For you and your significant other, there’s a good chance one or both of you battle chronic pain. Such pain can be from an illness, recent personal injury at home or in the workplace, even something as commonplace as an auto accident (see more below). No matter what started the pain, you want solutions in terms of ending it or at least making it manageable. Although you might have a child or two dealing with chronic pain, they’re a little too young to consider the option of using medical marijuana. As for you and/or your spouse, such constant pain may subside to a degree in using the drug. As more Americans have discovered in recent years, medical marijuana has in fact lessened the daily rigors of pain. Before getting a prescription, you would need to look at medical marijuana doctors online. By setting up an appointment with a physician, you can explain your reasoning for wanting medical marijuana, and then typically get an assessment and same day response. If approved for a prescription, you may find it was the solution you were searching for.

Teach Your Kids on the Dangers of Distracted Driving

  1. Getting behind the wheel – Sooner or later, your young one or ones will want to get behind the wheel. Although some parents are mortified at the idea of their kids driving, it is natural to be a little scared. Keep in mind that your kids will be a little timid behind the wheel at first too. To make for a safer environment, remind them about the dangers of distracted driving, not to mention how deadly drinking and driving can be. By reminding them about safe driving techniques, they stand much less of a chance of being injured or even worse. That even worse is typically the one phone call parents never want to take;
  2. Eating and exercising – Finally, while you can’t always be together 24/7 as a family, spending time as a unit eating and exercising properly paves the way for healthier lives for all of you. Having family meals together is not only a good way to make sure everyone eats well, but that you have time as a family to talk about the day’s important matters. When it comes to exercising, spend time together out in nature and/or at the area gym. Once again, this proves a great opportunity for family bonding.

If keeping your family healthy and happy is your top priority in the New Year, work together as one big unit to accomplish such an important goal.