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6 Services to Look For in Your Fertility Doctor

For couples who are struggling to conceive, fertility clinics offer a ray of hope. However, understand that not all specialists can offer the full range of services. Most couples seek out fertility doctors to find out what is wrong, without considering what comes next. Then when it's time to choose a treatment, or in the event that the couple wants to try an alternative, they have to work with a different provider. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, look for these six services before choosing which

Things You should be Doing Right Now for a Better Body

Let’s face it, a better body is something that we would all love to have, how many times have you walked through a shop and seen those perfect bodies on magazine covers and felt nothing but envy? In spite of our frequent desire to improve our bodies, the truth is that it is far easier to stay in our comfort zone of eating junk food, not bothering to exercise and generally continuing with an unhealthy way of life. There are so many health benefits to having a better body and the good news is that

Uncovering the health risks of e-cigarettes

In recent years, a vigorous debate has broken out over whether e-cigarettes are as safe as they claim to be. Marketed as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes, many vapers have transitioned to this practice after having been a traditional smoker for years. However, doctors such as Lisa Marie Cannon have been sounding the alarm on this issue lately, as she and others have sought to bust the myth that e-cigarettes are harmless. What risks do e-cigarettes pose? In this article, we will expose

Energize Your Morning Without the Caffeine for Better Health

If you like to start your day with an energizing hot beverage (and who doesn’t?) but are concerned about the negative effects of caffeine, there are alternatives. Steve Sorensen and the team at Crui Bru have developed a coffee alternative with all of the recognized health benefits of cacao – a known superfood high in antioxidants and theobromine – and none of the negative effects of caffeine. Negative Effects of Caffeine Stress and Jitters – Anyone who has had one cup too much of