Uncovering the health risks of e-cigarettes

Uncovering the health risks of e-cigarettes is the responsible thing to do

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In recent years, a vigorous debate has broken out over whether e-cigarettes are as safe as they claim to be. Marketed as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes, many vapers have transitioned to this practice after having been a traditional smoker for years.

However, doctors such as Lisa Marie Cannon have been sounding the alarm on this issue lately, as she and others have sought to bust the myth that e-cigarettes are harmless.

What risks do e-cigarettes pose? In this article, we will expose the many dangers that e-cigarettes pose to those trying to live a healthy life.

1) Nicotine itself is not safe

It is often assumed that it is chemicals other than nicotine that pose carcinogenic and other health risks. However, nicotine is not an innocent victim, as this compound is responsible for a number of health problems all on its own.

Firstly, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to humankind, as scientists have found it to be a harder habit to quit than hard drugs such as heroin and meth.

Nicotine has been shown adversely affect the development of the adolescent mind and induce low birth weight in pregnant mothers.

The latter finding is a troubling one, as many cigarette-addicted mothers-to-be are under the impression that vaping is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking – it is not.

2) There are other dangerous chemicals found within e-cig liquid

One of the most insidious aspects of e-cigarette use is the perception that they are made from substances that are far safer than what is found in a tobacco cigarette.

Sadly, preliminary analysis of e-cigarette chemicals has shown that vaping compounds contain a host of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, many of which are also found in traditional smokes.

Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are among these, and with the release of e-cig models that allow the user to increase the voltage at which the liquid is vaporized, scientists fear the risk presented by these substances will only increase over time.

3) Direct consumption of e-cig liquid has poisonous effects

While the intended use of e-cig liquid is for it to be vaporized within the smoker’s e-cig unit, there is the potential for its ingestion by children.

Owners have been leaving their cartridges around where their kids have been finding and drinking them out of curiosity, poisoning themselves in the process.

Starting with nausea and vomiting, and progressing to more serious symptoms such as seizures and inadequate breathing, nicotine poisoning can lead to death if not treated quickly.

4) Second-hand vape smoke is just as bad as second-hand tobacco smoke

Many vapers have used their e-cigarettes in no smoking areas under the impression that the clouds they exhale are harmless.

This is a myth, as we have shown previously that e-cig liquid contains many of the same harmful chemicals that tobacco smoke does.

As a result, when one vapes in a public place, or does in the presence of family members at home, they are exposing these third parties to the same risks that second-hand smokers do.