Three Great Family Activities to Start the Year

Family Activities

I know that a lot of moms enter each new year with two main wishes: firstly, that their family is happy and healthy for another 12 months, and secondly, that they get to spend more quality time together as a family unit.

The thing is, you’re the only one that can make that second wish come true. These days, you really have to make time for one another amongst hectic work and school schedules, so I’ve come up with just a few family activities to get you started in 2017. Hopefully they’ll bring you closer together, whilst offering a little inspiration for future…

  1. Make a photo album of 2016

One family activity I’ve always found to be a lot of fun is making a photo album together as a team effort. It can involve a lot of organisation, such as going through all your draws to locate everything first, but once you’ve devised your own plan of action for putting it together, all sit around a table, get the kids involved, and start selecting your favourite memories from the past year.

I always think that a scrapbook is the most personal and unique way of making a photo album, as it’s way more creative than simply sending things off to a company to do – where’s the family love in that? Just make sure you try some different photo paper samples from a site like beforehand, as you want to get the best quality possible.

  1. Plan your summer family vacation

Now that you’ve had fun looking back on your trips and travels from the past 12months, how about looking to the future? Planning your next family vacation is a great bonding exercise, but it also ensures that there is something for everyone on the trip. In the same way that getting the kids to write photograph captions in your album helps them feel as though they’re contributing, finding out what they want in a vacation will help you to create a trip that all ages will love.

If you already have the money, I’d recommend booking during the January sales period. You’ll get a far better deal as travel agent business is slow and they have plenty of incentives. Plus, fewer people are spending money on holidays abroad right now, as they’ve spent up over the festive season.

  1. Make winter a fun season

Finally, don’t wait until the summer to have fun together as a family. Whether it’s taking the kids to the ski slopes so that they can get active and enjoy some winter sports, or taking them for wintry walks and exploring new places with them, quality family time doesn’t have to be expensive.

One top idea for this time of year is to go glamping together, where kids can get close to nature, but not too close, and beside a log-burning fire for those chilly winter nights.

What family activities do you do to ring in the New Year?