5 Things You Must Do Pre-Building Demolition

There are many Things You Must Do Pre-Building Demolition

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Demolishing a building isn’t a project for the fainthearted tradesperson as there is a lot involved. What’s more, even residential customers find that there are numerous things that they must do and prepare before a demolition company can start tearing the walls of their property down, including the following five things that everyone must do pre-demolition.

  1. Read the Contract

It’s amazing how many people fail to read the contract thoroughly and find out that they’ve overlooked something. There’s a lot of print involved in a demolition contract, so make sure you’ve read it through and addressed any queries that you may have by contacting the company and asking them for advice. It’s always a good idea to ask for advice from all the service providers whose services you engage, including skip hire companies.

  1. Hire a Skip Bin

There will likely be a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of correctly when the building is demolished and the best means of waste removal for demolition projects is skip bin hire. As there are many companies that specialise in waste removal and bin hire, you need to look around for a good one in your local area, like www.recoverbins.com.au if you’re looking for a skip bin to hire in Perth.

A good company can advise on your requirements regarding the materials that you’re disposing of and the amount of waste, as well as other considerations such as the location and council permits.

  1. Find Out About Council Permits

In addition to council permits for placing a skip on the footpath, there may be additional permits required for things like:

  • Cutting down trees

  • Operating in a residential zone

  • Asset protection

It doesn’t pay to overlook the need for council permits as you could find yourself on the receiving end of a large fine, what’s more, you could find that your project is prevented from going ahead temporarily which could see the costs involved significantly escalate.

  1. Abolish Gas and Electricity

It can take 20 days for the energy provider to abolish the gas and electricity, so be sure to factor in this timeframe to avoid problems that could prevent your project from continuing. As with council permits, this could see the time it takes to complete the project lengthen significantly, along with all the costs involved.

  1. Have the Property Checked for Asbestos

Before demolition work can commence, you need to have the property checked for asbestos and get a certificate. What’s more, if asbestos is found it needs to be removed by a licensed business and disposed of correctly. Asbestos can’t be disposed of in a skip, so you’ll need to find another disposal method.

These are five things that you absolutely must do before demolition work on your property can take place. However, they’re not the only five things that you need to plan, prepare and organise, so be sure to get in touch with your local council as well as the relevant service providers, like skip bin hire and demolition companies, to make sure you have everything covered before work commences.