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Leave a Legacy by Giving a Bird a Home

Do you remember that when you were a child, there were so many birds everywhere? Or maybe you have seen The Big Year and loved all the attention the birds got, and decided to do something similar. What you will find now, however, is that bird habitat protection seems to have failed tremendously. Where there were once birds everywhere, there are now just houses. The Problem with Bird Habitats and Humans As humans, we are taking up more and more space. Not just that, in this country, hunting

Must Visit Places in the U.K.

Planning a trip to the United Kingdom or maybe you already live there and looking to explore you great country? Here are some must visit places in the U.K. whether you are a tourists or a life long native. Edinburgh Scotland's capitol city, Edinburg is one of the must visit places in the U.K. Known for its windy streets and historic castles, this coastal town is a great entry point to the fascinating culture of Scotland. While it is in every practical ways a very modern city, Edinburgh retains

Experiencing Yellowstone by Snowcoach

Anyone visiting Jackson Hole in the winter will soon come to realize what a fun and beautiful place it is. There are many things to enjoy here that will keep everyone busy for the whole holiday. However, one thing you really don't want to miss out on is a snowcoach tour in Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone is not far away at all from Jackson Hole, and many visitors to the area decide to visit the national park at some point during their stay. Here is what you need to know to organize your exciting