Must Visit Places in the U.K.

Planning a trip to the United Kingdom or maybe you already live there and looking to explore you great country? Here are some must visit places in the U.K. whether you are a tourists or a life long native.

must visit places in the U.K.
Scotland’s capitol city, Edinburg is one of the must visit places in the U.K. Known for its windy streets and historic castles, this coastal town is a great entry point to the fascinating culture of Scotland. While it is in every practical ways a very modern city, Edinburgh retains its charms as a mythical Scottish city of old. While no trip is complete without visiting the Edinburgh Castle and stopping by the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is very much a city alive. It is a terrific place to spend a few days living like the locals and exploring the seemingly endless number of quaint shops,  surprisingly tasty eateries, and warm pubs. Edinburgh has been on the map as of late for its incredible food scene so be sure to dive into some seafood. So if you are looking for a city that combines the old with the new, how about a few days in Edinburgh.

Across the straight from Scotland lies Northern Ireland. Another historic capitol city, Belfast is in many ways a tourist’s dream. Though a decade ago many tourists avoided Belfast due to a history of strife and violence, today Belfast is relatively safe for travelers and its lack of tourism over the last century has made it a perfect place to experience local culture. Belfast is home to some world class restaurants but most visitors prefer to visit its many traditional pubs and enjoy some local music. Located near the home of Van Morrison, Belfast is host to some great music of all types.  The countryside surrounding Belfast is also a major draw and can be the perfect place relax in a digital detox. On a side note, you may run into a few celebrities nowadays in Belfast, given it is one of the major filming locations for HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones; so be on the lookout for dragons!

A location often overlooked by tourists, Cornwall is located on the very South West tip of England and is one of the most rustic places while staying England. Cornwall is west of Dorset Country, another relaxing place visit and it is very popular to rent a holiday cottage in Dorset. Cornwall home to some of England’s most beautiful seascapes as well as (surprisingly) the U.K.’s best surfing. While many of its maritime industries have long since faded, Cornwall has reinvented itself as a creative mecca with modern draws such as the biodome-esque “Eden Project” a must visit site for any Cornwall visitor. So if you are looking for a laid back, rustic surf vibe, in the frigid English waters, this unique juxtaposition can only be found in Cornwall.

Three different U.K. cities with 3 distinct cultures and feelings, all worth a visit. So whether you are traveling across the world or just on a weekend road trip, be sure to visit some of these must visit places in the U.K.