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Android Based Laptops Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing

It is no doubt that the Android based smartphones are a huge hit all over the world. Being an open source platform it is popular among both the consumers as well as mobile applications developers. Well, if you have ever fancied android being used as the OS for your laptop and replace the old, boring and mundane windows tiles, well you imagination has turned into reality. Several technology companies are testing the idea of android based laptops and are trying to fine tune the technical glitches

5 tips to keep kids safe online

In the 21st century, the internet has ushered in a new world where information, media and entertainment is easily accessible at the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, this free and easy access has made it very easy for our kids to access age-inappropriate material, and it has made it easier for people with malicious intent (like bullies or predators) to gain access to and harm our children. There are many amazing benefits that the net can confer upon today's kids, but it is vital that you take