Android Based Laptops Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing


It is no doubt that the Android based smartphones are a huge hit all over the world. Being an open source platform it is popular among both the consumers as well as mobile applications developers. Well, if you have ever fancied android being used as the OS for your laptop and replace the old, boring and mundane windows tiles, well you imagination has turned into reality. Several technology companies are testing the idea of android based laptops and are trying to fine tune the technical glitches to provide the consumers with an alternative to the Windows and iOS laptops. While almost all the companies are yet at the testing stage, Lenovo has superseded them all and has gone and actually released an android operated laptop, which is known as Lenovo IdeaPad A10.

It is comes as no surprise that Lenovo is among the first to bring android notebook; the company has the reputation of embracing the latest technology and bring out new and innovative product. The Ideapad A10 is a testimony of this as fact as this notebook is not any ordinary laptop but it is a dual mode device that can be used as a laptop and as tablet. This device sports a 10.1 inch screen, which is ideal size for a tablet and laptop; it is compact and easy to carry around. If you compare laptop models in the market, you would find there are hardly any other netbooks or tablets in the market that offers you this flexibility.

The 10 point multi touch display feature along with the screen resolution of 1386 x 768 pixels it gives an incredible display output that is vibrant and brings every fine detail to life. More importantly it doesn’t cause any strain to your eyes even when you are working on it for long hours. The amazing hybrid device can flip 360 degree, which makes it easier to operate as per your convenience.

On the hardware front, the Ideapad A10 may not have the best of the components but with 1.6 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 process, 1 GB DDR3 RAM it still packs in a powerful punch and makes multi-tasking easy for the users. One of the things that most users may not appreciate about the laptop is that is it runs on Android OS v4.2, considering the fact that the Lolipop is out already. But this doesn’t take away anything from device in terms of its performance.

The device has all the other basic features of a laptop including 0.3 MP web camera that has a decent clarity for video conferencing and online chat. If you love to listening music, the integrated speakers provide an enhanced quality audio output that is clear and provides a joyful music listening experience. Another significant feature that deserves a special mention is its powerful battery that promises to last for more than 10 hours with mixed usage. This feature is vital for power users who don’t like their device running out of juice midway.

So bring home this android based hybrid device and you would surely enjoy using it.