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Spotlight on Dr. KP Yohannan

Today we are going to take a look into the life of a truly remarkable man, a man who has dedicated himself to God and the teachings of the gospel and a man who has spent his life trying to help others. Dr KP Yohannan is the founder of Gospel for Asia, the largest Christian missionary NGO in the World, an author, a radio presenter, a pastor and a man who has traveled the globe in his efforts to spread the word of the Lord. Let’s take a look at where he came from and how he became such an inspirational

Charity Through Religion: A Focus on Gospel for Asia

Today we are going to take a look at a fantastic organization that is working throughout South East Asia with the aim of changing lives for the better through Christianity. Religious charity Gospel for Asia works in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan using their collection of ministries to launch projects across a wide range of communities and helping those with various needs. Gospel for Asia not only sets up projects throughout Asia but also trains missionaries in how best to