Charity Through Religion: A Focus on Gospel for Asia

Today we are going to take a look at a fantastic organization that is working throughout South East Asia with the aim of changing lives for the better through Christianity. Religious charity Gospel for Asia works in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan using their collection of ministries to launch projects across a wide range of communities and helping those with various needs. Gospel for Asia not only sets up projects throughout Asia but also trains missionaries in how best to aid those in need, it is truly a great cause, here is a little more about them and their projects.


The Mission 

The mission of the organization is as follows:

“Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission among the unreached in Asia through training, sending out and assisting qualified laborers in partnership with the Body of Christ.”

To this end, the organization uses its many ministries across Asia to help give care, educate and build communities where it is needed.

Leprosy Ministry

The stigma attached to leprosy is still very real, this problematic disease can cause severe disfiguration and worse still, the disease is easily transmitted through close contact. Gospel for Asia works across South East Asia aiding those with leprosy and educating communities on how to avoid contracting the illness. If medical help is found quickly then leprosy can be fully cured, in remote areas however this is difficult and this is where the organization tries to help most.

Helping Women

Gender barriers still exist in many parts of Asia and the organization is seeking to overcome them by empowering women and teaching them how to live a more liberal existence. The uplifting of women is one of the key components of aiding communities and the ministry seeks to create communities where women are equals. The way in which the organization does this is by administering female missionaries, these strong women work hard in communities to educate people about the benefits of the modern female role.

Slum Ministry

The organization’s slum ministry works in the most deprived areas of Asia where millions live in some of the most impoverished of surroundings. Gospel for Asia send out missionaries to these slum areas where they face daily battles against infections such as AIDS, problems related to polluted water from open sewers as well as fighting hunger and trying to improve living conditions. The organization has created free medical clinics that offer advice and education on substance abuse and food hygiene and also offers treatment to those who are ill. The idea behind the slum ministry is to try and help those who are living in it find a way out for themselves through work, for this reason there are literacy and numeracy classes set up as well as lessons from the gospel from the many churches that have been placed throughout these areas of deep poverty.