Popular Features in American Homes

There are many Popular Features in American Homes of which you should be aware

Photo by CC user SanjibLemar on English Wikipedia

Many trends in American home construction and design turned out to be fads that once seemed modern but now date houses. Some things never go out of style though – efficiency and function. If you are thinking about building a new home, be sure to work with a reputable builder like Grand Homes, an award-winning industry leader in home construction in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, to make sure that your home’s features will have an enduring appeal.

Green Systems

Energy efficiency is at the top of the list for buyers, and there is no better time to ensure that your new home meets this requirement then at the design stage. The most obvious elements of efficiency are the appliances in the home, the heating and cooling systems, and water-saving features. And whether you live in a cold or hot climate, quality insulation, weather-guarding, double and triple-paned windows, and high-tech materials and techniques will go a long way towards keeping energy costs down.

Natural Materials

Linoleum, plastics and laminates are less likely to appear in high-quality constructions, given the trend towards natural and sustainable materials. This is more than an aesthetic trend, and reflects the desire of many people to have a home that is as “green” as possible. This includes exterior materials as well, with stucco and vinyl giving way to stone and brick.

Smart Homes

From lights to heat, security to sound, the basic systems of many new homes can controlled by central panels or even via smartphone apps. Many new home buyers, especially the millennial set, will expect this feature.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

In-floor radiant heating offers clear advantages over traditional forced air systems –greater energy, no ugly duct work, and a more even heating throughout the home. For homes in cold climates, or even just to protect against a chilly December night, this is a great heating solution.

Storage Space

There may have been a time when an entire household could make do with a single closet in the entrance and a linen closet in the hall, but those days are long gone! Modern homes give priority to storage space, including large closets with shelves in bathrooms, functional storages spaces in common areas, and of course, lots of shelves, cupboards and pantries in the kitchen.

Dedicated Functional Rooms

Anyone who has every struggled to carry loads of laundry up and down stairs, or who has had to climb over boxes and basement clutter to access the washer-dryer knows that a dedicated – and attractive – space on the main floor for this very important household task makes a lot of sense. Similarly, whether you work full-time from home or simply need a workspace for yourself and the kids, modern families are tired of making the kitchen table do double duty and are demanding dedicated work spaces with plenty of storage and electrical outlets. And finally, home designers are paying attention!

Be sure to do your homework and carefully think about the new technologies and design options that will make your home efficient and functional!