Moms keeping fit thanks to home workout products

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In recent times, fitness enthusiasts globally have been working out at home and embracing technology. Fitness gadgets and various forms of tech have been hugely popular of late as companies aim to tap into what is a highly lucrative market and capitalise on the home workout trend that is emerging.

For busy mom’s, the products on offer enable them to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of their own home. Alongside making sure the children are fed and watered and carrying out a range of other household chores, parents are starting to conduct their exercise routines at home. Some products in this space are better than others, but on the whole, the options for the average fitness enthusiast is hugely impressive.

Working out at home makes exercise more obtainable for busy parents too. These types of gadgets can be utilised in a garden, for example, whereas paying for a gym membership and leaving the house to attend the gym can be different for mom’s who are in constant demand. Of course, we all need to relax with a Netflix movie or a few games of the Mega Moolah slot at from time to time, but it’s also about establishing a balance. If that balance can be achieved from home, then why wouldn’t a busy mother explore it? Not only can you save on gym membership fees, but the fitness gadgets available can produce excellent results too.

Here is a look at some of the popular fitness gadgets available to buy right now.

Peloton Bike+

Peloton’s reputation has grown considerably in the last couple of years, and it comes as no surprise given its fantastic offering too. In the case of the Peloton Bike+, users can make the most of the array of classes on offer. From the likes of yoga to classes using the actual bike itself, you can access a range of different sessions led by professionals. This upgraded bike syncs with any Apple Watches and comes with a swivel screen so you can sample classes away from the bike.

Tangram Smart Rope

A skipping rope on the receiving end of a modern-day makeover, the Tangram Smart Rope is an extremely popular option for people at the moment. With its 23 LEDs monitoring every movement, users can track their workouts and gain invaluable real-time feedback on the likes of calorie burn.

Therabody Wave Roller

In order to recover from a workout and help a body recuperate in time for the next home session, devices like the Therabody Wave Roller come in handy. Delivering therapeutic vibrations at five different intensities to aid muscle recovery, this top of the range roller will sort out any annoying aches and pains immediately. This particular roller is Bluetooth-enabled, too, allowing you to track your recovery and follow guided warm-ups.

Liteboxer Bundle

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Boxing is a great way of keeping fit and having fun while doing so. With the Liteboxer Bundle, you can do exactly that thanks to what is a clever freestanding boxing device. It comes with LED lights, and you can punch away to synchronised music, track your accuracy, power, and a whole lot more. It isn’t cheap, but the Liteboxer Bundle is most definitely worth it.

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

Owning a whole set of kettlebells not only takes up a lot of room in a house but it can look ugly on occasions. Thankfully, you can now own a whole set in one kettlebell. A single kettlebell which can be adjusted in terms of its weight easily, the Jaxjox KettlebellConnect is a great gadget for any people keen to smash any weight training goals.