What Happens When A Customer Has An Accident At Your Business

Besides the fact that you would not want to see anyone hurt or injured, accidents that happen in your business premises can negatively impact your business.

In the event an accident does happen, how do you handle this unwanted incident? Here are some immediate steps to follow.F

What Happens When a Customer Has an Accident at Your Business?

As much as we try to keep ourselves, our customers and workspaces safe, people will still get hurt. From lawsuits to bills you are never prepared for, there’s no upside to an accident occurring in your business space. So how do you prevent accidents, and what do you do if your customer gets injured in your business space?

When it comes to business, prevention is always better than cure. This can be by choosing to have liability insurance and also by doing your best to create safe conditions and eliminate unsafe practices.

Be Compassionate and Help the Injured Customer

Immediately attend to the needs of the customer and genuinely express your concern. Contrary to popular opinions, being helpful is not an admission of guilt. Allow the customer to decide if he or she needs medical attention, and while doing this abstain from making any promises concerning payment or the medical expenses.

Get the Customer’s Account of Events
After the customer is deemed safe and well enough to speak, you must start collecting a detailed description of the incident. This description should include the date, location and the nature of the accident.
In addition to the contact information of the affected person or people, at this stage, it is advisable that you also get a description of the incident from witnesses, along with their contact information.
Some businesses have forms prepared for this purpose, called an incident report. If you work with these incident forms, you should request the information and have them filled in yourself. You should be very careful to properly record events in detail, as what may seem to be a fairly minor event could turn into a complex lawsuit.

Follow your Company Protocol

Sometimes an accident can be just what it is, an accident. Other times, it can be as a result of negligence or a failure to prevent foreseeable harm. If the latter is the case, you will likely face liability. In the event a customer chooses to take legal action, you will need to work with your attorneys and insurers.
Follow the set rules for your business in handling the situation. Let all of the relevant people know, record the accident and check if your insurance can protect you from the claim. It is important that you let your insurance provider know when an accident occurs in case you need to claim on your public liability insurance policy.


Inspect the Site of the Accident

As a follow up to the previous step, you should inspect and carefully document the area where the accident occurred. Check for any unsafe items: pieces of glass, faulty flooring, etc., and record what you see. Photo and video evidence can aid your defence should there be a court claim. Be sure to seal the area off if there is still danger so that nobody else gets hurt.