Great Gift Ideas for Kids with Summer Birthdays

Kids Birthday Party

When you’re a kid your birthday is a big deal. I remember being younger and thinking if only I had a summertime birthday I could have a pool party, it would be warm outside, and everyone would be in the midst of the summer break mindset. Yet somehow, my friends with summer birthdays had a different idea. They always complained about how everyone was always on vacation during their birthday month, pool parties were only cool if all your friends could be there. Either way we all know that the star of the show is the gift. Whether for your child or your child’s best friend, the gift you give can make all the difference. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine when giving, most moms have a go to store they visit to pick out the typical present. You also risk giving the same gift as someone else if you don’t think outside the box sometimes. Lucky for you we are here to give you some great gift ideas for kids with summer birthdays.

The Gift of Style

Kids these days seem to care more and more about their appearance, and trends seem to change as fast as they change their clothes. If you want to be the coolest mom on the block opt for a gift that they can proudly wear. Most kids get to buy a few new clothes for the new school year, so being able to have something new to wear in the middle of the summer might seem like a special treat. This could mean a fun t-shirt with their favorite super hero, or from their favorite brand if they are old enough to have an opinion about that kind of thing. Choosing the right size can often be the hardest part when giving this kind of gift. Sure, you can always give a gift receipt, but no one wants to have to go to the store and exchange something they received for their birthday. To avoid this issue, opt for one size fits all items like sunglasses, or something adjustable like a hat from Lids. On top of never worrying about getting the right size, because hats can be made to fit different sizes, the child can still wear it as they grow over time.

The Gift of Summer Fun

During the summer, most moms struggle to find activities to entertain their children. One of the best gift ideas I heard about recently was a trip to a water park. You could even have this gift double as a birthday party if it is for your own child. If my mom had told me I could invite a few friends to the local water park for the day to eat cake, run around, and open presents that would probably seem like the best birthday ever.

The Gift of Giving

The idea that you are making someone else’s life a little better can be a wonderful feeling no matter what age you are. Learning this feeling at a young age can have a big impact, it can mean embracing a life of generosity and acceptance. It also helps kids realize how fortunate they are and can create a sense of gratitude. If you are unsure about where you should donate or volunteer your time, there are many lists that act as resources for finding the perfect charity. You can pick something that is specific to your child’s interests, or something that is general and will help contribute to having a great cause.