Cool Gifting Ideas to Make your Husband Happy

Golf clubs make Cool Gifting Ideas when it comes to getting something great for your hubby ... photo by CC user Sands Beach Lanzarote on Flickr

Like women, men too love gifts and surprises. Gift him something that he loves and he will always be yours. You always rekindle your love by giving your husband a surprise on his birthday or Valentine’s Day. Also, gifting occasionally, just to surprise him will draw him towards you. You should understand the likes and dislikes of your husband before you buy anything for him.

Buying a gift for men can be a little challenging at times. Ability to buy a right gift for your man is a science as well as art. You will understand the science part if you spend enough time with him. The art is about buying the right gift and presenting it in the right way. You can shop for gifts online as well as in stores.

The majority of the shopping websites also offer customised gifting options. Customising gifts for your husband can add a personal touch that can be cherished forever. Also, you can use Paytm coupons to buy gifts online. It is a very convenient and easy. Further, let us look at some of the interesting gifting ideas.

Sports gear

If your husband loves sports or actively pursues any sport, then this is a great idea. For example, gifting him a set of golf clubs or tennis gear and he will love it. Even if he does not play any sport but follows one regularly then gifting a memorabilia or something related to the sport is also a great idea. Also, if he loves camping and trekking then gifting him equipment for the same is also a cool idea.


Every man has his poison either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Gifting him a bottle of his favourite wine or whiskey will surely perk up his spirits. You can also surprise him by taking him out to his favourite pub or restaurant where they serve his favourite cocktail just the way he likes it. Even better, you can call his friends to surprise him.

Watches and jewellery

Many guys are very passionate about collecting watches. They regularly follow their favourite brands and are keen on adding new watches to their collection. You can also gift him gold as it is a good investment option.


Men love gadgets. Irrespective of age, they regularly update themselves with the latest news about upcoming gadgets. Gifting him a new mobile phone or music system can make him happy. Also, you can gift him a gaming system and see the joy on his face.


If your husband is a voracious reader, then gifting him a novel or book is awesome. You can gift him a book of his favourite author or even any good author who has received good reviews. You can also gift him motivational books.

Apart from the gifts mentioned above, you can also get a little adventurous and get yourself some intimate wear to surprise him in the night after that routine dinner. Always remember, buying gifts for your husband should be fun and not an obligation.