Strange Facts about Tarot Reading

Do you love getting your tarot cards read? Or maybe you have never done it but have always been curious to try? Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, here some unbelievable facts about Tarot reading you probably never knew.

Facts about Tarot Reading
Ancient History
Some historians claim Tarot Cards trace their origins back to ancient Egypt or even Kabbalah. Though the oldest documented appear in Europe in the 16th century. This is still incredibly historic as the deck as hardly changed since then. It is hard to think of any other practice that has stayed so consistent for so long. Many of the early decks were beautifully hand painted as well. This is one of the many strange facts about Tarot reading. So when you are getting a Tarot reading you taking a trip back to a forgotten time.

A Tarot Deck Should be Passed Down
It has been said that a Tarot deck doesn’t have any power unless it is gifted to you. Your first deck should be a gift from another reader. Though this has been debated, many still hold true to this idea. It also aided in the preservation of these unique traditions over time, making sure only readers who are truly qualified received Tarot decks. The preservation of Tarot traditions is even more important these days as we are able to get an online Tarot reading or via the phone, it is good to know that even remotely these readers are following centuries old traditions.

Shuffling Means Everything, or Does it?
Every Tarot reader shuffles their cards differently and they will tell that there way is the only correct way. This is only partially true, in fact their way is the only correct way for them. Each reader knows how they read and will shuffle cards in the most powerful way for them. Tarot is a very personal thing and it is best to trust the judgment of an experienced reader, there is no one size fits all solution.

Tarot Cards Started as a Game
Original Tarot decks were designed to play standard card games, though some say they were used for divination all along. In Europe people would use Tarot decks to play games similar to how use a standard 52-card deck. Starting in the 1700’s decks were created exclusively for Tarot readings and since then, this has been the primary focus of Tarot cards.

I hope some of these strange facts about Tarot reading have peaked your curiosity.  Depending on who you ask Tarot is either a fun party trick or a deep spiritual experience, either way it is definitely a fascinating practice with a rich and deep history. So if you have never had a reading there is no better time to start then now!  Some people think of Tarot reading as a lesiure activity a great way to relax and relieve some stress. Tarot readings can be a fun and fascinating way to explore yourself and learn about your future.