Catholic Baptism Basics For New Moms and Dads

photo by CC user barbiecpt0 on pixabay

If you’re a practicing Catholic, baptizing your baby is a very important part of your religion, but now that it’s time to actually plan one, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. This article outlines some of the things you may have questions about before your baby’s baptism.

1. When and why should you baptize your child?

If you are a Catholic, you’ll want your baby baptized as soon as possible after your baby’s birth to ensure entry into heaven in the event anything should happen. Baptism is a forgiveness of all sins committed prior to the baptism. You should talk to your priest about whether a class is required before the baptism. Do this, if required, before your baby arrives so that you can get the class done before you’re busy being a new parent. Baptisms usually occur on Sundays in the Catholic church.

For a short video as well as written information about baptisms visit the baptism page of the Holy Trinity website.

2. What are common types of Christening gifts?

Christening gifts are usually religious in theme. Cross necklaces, piggy banks, and frames to commemorate the blessed day are all lovely ideas. Personalized gifts, with the baby’s name and Christening date engraved, are also good ideas. If you and your family will be attending a Christening and need gift ideas, websites such as One Small Child are a great and convenient way to look and shop for Christening gifts.

3. Who should you invite?

Your baby’s baptism is like any other celebration and you should invite people close to you and your family. Obviously you are going to invite the people you have chosen to be your child’s Godparents. You will want to invite close family, but if you are blessed with a very large and close family, you may want to trim down the invitations a little bit. Remember that you can always invite more people to attend the reception afterward of you wish to do so.

4. Who can be a Godparent?

In most parishes at least one of the Godparents chosen must be a confirmed and practicing Catholic at least 16 years of age. The role of Godparent is not just a titleholder, but an agreement to help raise the child in the Catholic faith. Godparents play a large role in the life of their Godchildren. You want to choose Godparents who you believe will be in your life for a long time and who you will see quite regularly. You want your child to bond with his Godparents. This page from the Diocese Of Camden provides information about who can be a godparent as well as other information on baptisms.

5. What should you wear?

The parents and Godparents should dress as your normally would for church. You don’t have to buy new and expensive clothing, but dress nicely. Light coloured clothing is often preferred, but not a requirement. Your baby should wear white as this is a symbol of “putting on Christ.” An actual gown is not strictly required in all churches, but you can use one if you like or one may be provided by your church. If you choose to have your baby fully immersed, don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes to change him in to afterward.

6. What is the importance of the colour white?

As mentioned previously wearing white is a symbol of “putting on Christ.” White is the colour of purity as well as the cleansing power of the baptism. White is also the colour that Jesus wore when he was placed in his tomb.

Having your baby baptized is a very special occasion. You don’t want to be stressed out by the details and planning of it. It is an important event as well, so it’s important to know exactly what’s going to happen and be expected.

Susan Louis has been a church worker for a couple of decades now. An avid writer, she enjoys posting about her experiences whenever she has the chance. Her articles appear mainly on family, living and spiritual websites and blog sites.