Business people who have established flourishing careers: can they motivate your child?

Certain speakers have the ability to motivate your child ... photo by CC user Tammie6123 on wikimedia

Children have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning new things, and if they are interested in changing the world with some of their ideas, it’s a good idea that they have a mentor that they can relate to. Having someone who can motivate your child can in fact change the way that child sees the world, and can give way to new ideas. If a child is interested in business, there are plenty of successful individuals in the world today who can offer them goals to help them achieve their dreams and learn by example.

Brad Smith is a businessman who has made a name for himself by combining the modern age and solid business practices. Smith is the executive of Intuit, which is the maker of software such as QuickBooks. Intuit’s products have changed the way that we view business and how we use technology on a daily basis in order to accomplish our work. An individual of Smith’s calibre will be highly motivational to all of us; especially our children who can learn to think in new ways.

Another example of someone with laudable enterprise skills is Apple’s Tim Cook. Cook had a lot to take on when Steve Jobs died, but by implementing some new business practices and recognizing that things will continue to change, Cook has continued to make Apple a successful brand. Not only can a child learn that it takes flexibility and a willingness to see things from a new angle, but they can also learn about tenacity and continuing to work hard even when things look tough.

Najib Mikati is another individual who has succeeded in multiple ways through his business. After co-founding the business Investcom with his brother, Mikati went on to have an incredibly influential political career that spanned several years. At the age of fifty-nine, he has accomplished more than most tend to in their lifetimes. Children can learn that being successful at one endeavour can open a lot of doors and that the possibilities open to them are limitless if they have the right attitude. More information about him and his business, the M1 Group, can be found on the Wikipedia of Najib Mikati.

Women have also been incredibly influential in the business world, and one of the individuals who has been a major player is Anne Mulcahy, the CEO of Xerox. After making several practical decisions regarding her company during the recent financial crisis, Mulcahy was able to turn a struggling company around. Her bravery and her ability to do what seemed impossible can be a great lesson for kids.

Another figure of note is Jeff Bezos of Amazon. As an innovator of product analytics and one of the first to think about providing products to consumers in this way, children can learn a lot from an influential giant willing to think about others and how a business can benefit multiple people.

With a little bit of knowledge, a child can learn much from today’s top businessmen and women. Not only is it easy to teach them lessons through those individuals, but also it can inspire them to change the world.