6 Reasons to Consider Sending Your Child to Boarding School


Boarding schools undeniably have a tough reputation preceding them. After all, many people believe that sending your kid off to boarding school means you are lazy, snobby, or can’t handle your children. And, it is thought that the poor souls that are being shipped off to attend boarding schools will endure a lifetime of negative consequences.

However, there are many benefits to sending you child to a high-quality boarding school, especially if you live in California, where there are plenty of boarding school options to choose from.

In fact, if you take a closer look, more people seem to agree that boarding schools are a good thing than not, which reinforces the idea that are in fact beneficial.

Still unsure?

Take a look at some of the best reasons to send your child to boarding school:

1. Smaller Class Sizes

Some public schools across the nation are so overcrowded there are not enough resources for every student. In addition, with an average of 30-40 students per class, the chances of your child getting quality one-on-one time are slim.

On average, boarding school class sizes are significantly smaller (between 15-20 students per class). This lends to increased student participation, individual attention, and overall success.

2. Self-Reliance

Students attending boarding school learn to become self-reliant very quickly. This is because mom and dad are not around to cater to their every need.

If you want your child to attend college, or at the very least move out at some point in their young adult life, having them attend a boarding school and learn domestic duties such as managing their time, money, and resources is a good thing.

3. Cultural Diversity

Boarding schools typically operate as a community. Your child is not only an individual attending school to learn problem-solving skills, develop their personality, and increase their knowledge; they are there to work together as a team.

Appreciation for others, respect for differences, and exposure to other cultures are some of the foundations your child will build while attending a diverse boarding school.

4. Expansive Curriculums

Limited resources harm the chances your child will excel in every subject while attending public school. However, by attending a rigorous boarding school, your child will be pushed to the limits. This is because boarding schools focus on giving your child the experience and knowledge to get into a high-level university.

5. More Activities

Boarding schools are known for offering a wide variety of school activities. Some of them are more traditional (e.g. basketball, swimming, and volleyball), while others are more non-conventional (e.g CrossFit, surfing, and yoga).

Not only do these activities instill a love for staying active that can carry over into adulthood, they give your child a chance to participate in activities they may have otherwise not had a chance to.

6. High Quality Teachers

Sure, public schools employ plenty of teachers with advanced degrees. However, this is not a requirement to become a teacher. Boarding schools can enforce stricter hiring criteria. This means the best-of-the-best are being hired.

Additionally, teachers at boarding schools agree with the philosophies, principles, and commitment that boarding schools promise parents and students alike. This usually means that they are passionate about what they teach and enjoy working with smaller groups of kids.

In all, there are plenty of reasons to consider sending your child to a boarding school in California, or any other place depending on where you live and what qualities you are looking for.

Don’t let past misconceptions ruin what could be a great future for your child. Aim to give them the best and put them in a nurturing and highly educational environment such as a boarding school, and watch them flourish as they grow.