Top Jobs for Creative Thinkers   

Matching a job to your strengths is not always as easy as it seems, we very often fall into a job that we think we like but doesn’t play to our strengths. If you want to get a job that you will be successful in then you should look for a career that suits what you are good at. One such strength that often gets neglected by those who possess it is creativity, those who have an inquisitive mind, the ones who want to know how something works or how they can improve something. If you display these attributes and are trying to decide on a career choice then here our top job picks for creative minds like yours.



As an engineer you are required to be intelligent, innovative, have a strong grasp of maths and science and be driven to succeed in every project that you undertake. The job of an engineer is very rewarding, both personally and financially, and there is a lot of job security in this industry. There are routes to the top of the industry as well, you can follow the lead of people like Anura Perera Raycom’s chairman who started in construction engineering and worked throughout the industry before starting his aerospace company. There is a world of options available to you when you decide upon a career in engineering, from different sectors of specialization to different roles within each discipline. Engineering is a well respected and rewarding career.


If you have an eye for style and what looks good then a career in design could be for you, there are hundreds of design roles that you can go for from fashion designer to web designer, it is all about how original and innovative you can be. The design industry can be difficult to get into, you must make an impression with anyone that you show your designs to and strive to be unique. If however, you are able to impress with your designs and get a job, you will find yourself in a wonderful career that offers a good salary and allows you the creative freedom that you need.

 Media Work

There are several very creative roles within the media from writers to photographers, editors, presenters, camera crew and hundreds more job opportunities for those with creativity. In order to get into the media you will need a number of things, firstly you will need good English and media studies grades from school and college, secondly you will need to have made some contacts within the industry and if possible have done an internship or voluntary work within the media. You are also going to need a little luck, there are many people who wish to get involved within the media but simply never caught the break. You of course, shouldn’t rely on luck and put yourself into the best position that you can by getting great grades in your education and creating opportunities for yourself to gain some experience in the field.