4 Tips for a Great Family Getaway


Are you itching to get the family away for vacation for a period of time?

If so, you should plan things out as far in advance as possible. This allows you to have a better chance of saving money. No, you typically do not have to plan out a quick weekend getaway months in advance, but don’t feel afraid to do that nonetheless.

That said taking the time to get your plans in stone will help you on a number of fronts, notably improving the chances of getting the location down, not to mention saving some green in the process.

So, are you ready to have a great vacation year coming up in 2017?

Letting the Journey Begin

So that you are able to get your vacation plans in motion, remember these four tips:

  1. Where are you going? First and foremost, where are you thinking of taking the family? If you think about it, having a year-round vacation rental at your disposal is not such a bad idea. With yearly vacation rentals, you are able to go at your pleasure, not to mention have more flexibility when it comes to picking out times of the year to have house guests visiting. Another advantage of a yearly vacation rental is that it can pretty much be in any part of the country. If several states away from you, you can plan a long trip there, perhaps several weeks at a time;
  2. What will it cost you? If you do decide on the previously mentioned yearly vacation rentals, how much are you willing to pay for a little R&R? There are some good deals out there, but you have to know where to search for them. Take the time to not only get to know the different properties available, but also the people renting them out. You can turn to both word-of-mouth and social media etc. to learn more about locations and those renting them year-round.

Keeping the Kids Happy

  1. What will make the kids happy? For anyone ever holding the title of parent, they know all too well how important it is to keep the kids happy. Sure, moms (and dads for that matter) need to ultimately make the final decision when it comes to where to vacation at, but getting input from the little one or ones certainly doesn’t hurt. The last thing you want for a short or long getaway is to have your children bummed and irritable. In the end, both you and they will not be happy, hardly setting the state for rest and relaxation;
  2. Will you find activities galore? – Lastly, be sure to plan some fun and affordable activities when on vacation as a family. While it is perfectly fine (and expected) to have some time for R&R, you don’t want to sit in your vacation rental and watch the time go by. If you are enjoying time at a vacation rental near the water, all kinds of water-related activities await. For those heading off to a vacation rental in the mountains, things such as hiking, camping, perhaps even boating at a nearby lake or river await. Once again, sit down together as a family to determine what the best and most sensible activities would be. For families vacationing closer to a major city, a yearly vacation rental can be the perfect temporary home. You can take trips into the city for cultural events, sporting events, sightseeing and much more. No matter where your vacation takes you and your family, make it a fun-filled one.

If you thought in the past that yearly vacation rentals may have been out of your price range, think again.

With some time and effort put behind your search, you are more than likely to find just the vacation rental you and yours have been looking for.