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How to choose a stroller

Your first bundle of joy is well on its way, and with the nursery complete and ready to receive its first tenant, you are enjoying the feeling that comes with being ahead of the ball. However, you have only just begun to make the necessary preparations that you'll need to make prior to the arrival of your first child. For example, if you plan on leaving the house in the next three years, you are probably going to need a stroller. A quick trip to the baby section in your favorite department store

The Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding

With the birth of your bundle of joy, your life has been forever transformed. New routines will need to be developed, from naps to diaper changing, as well as feeding. This last point has been one of controversy in the past decade, as many mothers have expressed an interest to move off what they consider to be the impersonal experience of feeding their child industry-made formula and back to the mother-baby bonding that breastfeeding provides. While this shift has taken many by surprise, as many