What To Know About Visiting The World’s Most Popular Attractions

The world’s most popular attractions got that way for a reason. A visit to the London Eye or the Eiffel Tower can be a some of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime but no one wants break the bank or spend their entire vacation waiting in line. With the increase in world tourism lines are becoming longer (check out this infographic for the average waiting times at popular attractions to see how long you should plan for.) Here is what you and your family should know about visiting the world’s most popular attractions so you can make the most of your trip.

Eiffel Tower
Popular Destinations Paris
The world famous Eiffel Tower is on many people’s bucket list and visiting this 125 year old site is a must for nearly all visitors to Paris. Here are a few tips to make sure you enjoy your visit.  Avoid traffic and take the metro train to the Trocadéro stop. Once you are there, try taking the stairs; with 670 stairs total it may get your heart rate going but you will skip passed the lines. Another tip for avoiding the lines is to prebook your ticket, this allows to have a dedicated time for your visit and will give you an excuse (you shouldn’t need one!) not to miss this this site.

London Eye
England’s latest marvel has quickly rose the ranks of one of the world’s most popular attractions. With its massive popularity expect crowds and wait times but here are some tips to make the most of it. Similar to the Eiffel Tower, you can prebook a ticket. Prebooking will save you up to 30% and ensure your spectacular view. Speaking of views, given this is the famous city of fog, be sure and check the weather report in hopes of getting a clear date. Also be sure and check the official website for the status of the London Eye, as of the writing of this article it was closed for maintenance.

Statue of Liberty
New York City’s statue of liberty is perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction in the world. With its popularity, expect crowds. Like the London Eye and Eiffel Tower you can prebook tickets which will allow you to skip the line, though still give yourself plenty of time for boarding the ferry especially during weekends and the summer season. Speaking of summer, New York can get very hot in August so if traveling around this time be sure and pack plenty of water and sunscreen. Also, it can be a long day so a picnic lunch be a good idea. If you want to completely skip the crowds there is always the option of a helicopter tour of New York which includes a birds eye view of the statue.

I hope you are feeling confident visiting the world’s most popular attractions and with a bit of planning and some insider data you will have a memorable experience.