Enjoying a grown up vacation with the kids in California

Disneyland is a key component of any vacation with the kids in California... photo by CC user Tuxyso on wikimedia

California dreaming these days? If so, there’s never been a better time to visit, as this state is as eager for tourism related business as it ever has been in recent history. But what if you have a family? Putting together a great multi-centre USA itinerary is a great way to ensure you find the necessary balance between ensuring your children have a full-filled holiday, while still making quality time for you and your partner when they are in the care of a babysitting service at your hotel.

When on vacation with the kids in California, here are the highlights that you should make an effort to see during your time in three of this state’s most vibrant cities…

1) San Francisco

While combing through Fisherman’s Wharf’s many attractions (Ripley’s Believe It or Not and a wax museum) will take up a good portion of one’s day, make time to scope out the Exploratorium. It is a hands-on science museum that actively involves kids in the process of learning lessons instead of spoon-feeding facts, all while having a load of fun in the process.

Spend an evening out together in the Mission District at any one of the numerous fine-dining restaurants that are located here, as the growing influence of Silicon Valley money has endowed this part of town with some of the most cutting edge eateries in the country.

2) Los Angeles

Finding things to do as a family in the Los Angeles area will never be a difficult task, as a number of world famous theme parks are based here. The most famous of these is Disneyland, which is where entertainment impresario Walt Disney founded the first of a series of parks based on his immensely popular cartoon characters.

That’s far from the only attraction that will appeal to your kids though, as Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the boardwalk theme park at the Santa Monica Pier all have more than enough appeal to command their attention from dawn ’til dusk.

If you manage to get out on your own while here, you will have a problem similar to your kids with regards to the infinite things to do in this globally significant city. Culture hounds will love admiring art at the Getty Center, while Hollywood has plenty of sights related to the film industry, as well as many classy restaurants and bars to while away an evening well spent.

3) San Diego

One family friendly attraction that you and your gang will want to check out while in California’s most southerly city is the San Diego Zoo. Being one of the world’s best publicly supported zoological parks, it has state of the art exhibits that emphasize natural environments over cages, and being one of the few parks in the world outside of China hosting pandas, its a place you won’t want to miss.

If you want to tackle surf that may be too dangerous for your little ones to follow you into, then this part of the California coast has many breaks that will give you and your fellow surfer spouse the ride of a lifetime.