Use Your Phone to Make Extra Money with These Apps

Development of application has been on the rise, and each passing day, new apps are being deployed online. Despite the apps being helpful and others used just for fun, the developers largely benefit by the revenues they bring. Many users have no idea that there are apps that they can use to make extra money while they use their smartphones. Apps that pay their users offers two option; they can send the money directly to the users PayPal account or the points accumulated can be redeemed for shopping vouchers. Regardless of the method used, the user can place monetary value on the points and exchange with someone who is in need of a shopping voucher.


  1. iBotta

iBotta is an app that rewards both iPhone and android users while they shop. The app is especially useful for grocery shopping and rewards the users either by gift cards or cash. There are some tasks that users can complete while at home and unlock cash rewards. The app supports some of the major stores like Walmart, Walgreen, Kroger, Target, and CVS. The app will have your money deposited to your account within 48 hours after reaching the threshold.

  1. Pact

Pact is another great app that motivates people to work out and eat healthy while rewarding them. With the app on your phone, you can set your workout schedule and diet which will be monitored by the app for adherence. The app uses GPS for gym and connects to other applications to track your eating habit. The more you adhere to your set routine, the more you earn from the app.

  1. CMC Markets

People who trade in stock market can earn extra money using the CMC Markets app. This app offers live streaming prices and real-time charting to its users. With this kind of updated information, it becomes easier for traders to predict the course that the stock market will take and hence decide on the best action to take so as to make profits. This app is accessible all over the world and reduced the time users may use to browse the internet to see the current marketing trends.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

For people who love helping others and answering questions, they can earn extra money using the Google Opinion Rewards app. With this app installed on your Android smartphone, users can expect to make anywhere between 10 cents to a dollar answering simple questions or giving opinions on various subjects posted online. The amount earned with this app depends entirely on the time that the user is willing to dedicate in surveys and answering questions. The money earned on the app can be used to buy movies, books, apps or buying online games without the need of having to use your own money.

  1. eBates

eBates is an app that lets you make money while you do your shopping. The rewards of this app are only realised when you make purchases, unlike other apps that does not involve any physical buying. The merit of this app, however, is that you can use your credit card rewards to buy things that you need. Upon signing with eBates, you are entitled to a $10 welcome bonus which is redeemable as a Walmart gift card or eBates cash bonus. The amount you earn is calculated in percentage of the amount you spend on your purchases. You can expect to earn from 1% to 10% deciding on the store where you make your purchases from. These stores include eBay, Amazon, Macy’s, and Kohls.

Instead of using apps for social media and playing games, you may want to consider using apps that pay you to use them. This will see a growth in your side income that can be used to offset small bills or some extra money away from your conventional income that can be used to fun and to buy things that may not fit your budget. It also becomes a fun way of earning at your free time and you can actually save your money or points to be used at a later date when you feel your budget is too tight to accommodate all the needs at hand.