Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa for students

There are many Things to do in Cape Town for students

Photo by CC user SkyPixels on Wikimedia Commons

Have you accepted an opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa? If you have, you will be in for a treat, as there is plenty to see and experience during your time there.

In this post, we will give you a few ideas of what you can see and do while you are living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

1) Go surfing

Situated at the tip of Southern Africa, Cape Town is perfectly positioned for those that love surfing. Although the water is a frosty 12 degrees Celsius due to Antarctic currents that flow in from the Southern Ocean, a good wetsuit is all you’ll need to enjoy the world class surf breaks that you’ll find in and around the city.

When Mack Prioleau was studying abroad for a year, he’d hit the best surfing spots with his board and his GoPro, and upload the results to Vimeo. With wave shredding that good, you owe it to yourself to try it out when in Cape Town if you are into this meditative sport.

2) Ascend Table Mountain

As the most prominent geographic feature in the Cape Town area, be sure to take the tram or hike up the side of Table Mountain at some point during your visit.

Boasting sweeping views of the city and the Southern Ocean, taking a trip up here is a must for enthusiasts of photography.

The soils of this peak also harbor unusual plants that have made Table Mountain a UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as silver trees and a flower known as the king protea, so don’t miss this place if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

3) Try shark cage diving

The waters off the coast of Cape Town may be chilly, but they are home to an abundance of marine life. With plenty of seals and other fleshy fish, there is plenty of food around for the apex predator of the ocean, the great white shark, to feast upon.

Tourism operators have long capitalized on this fact by offering not just watching expeditions, but diving trips that give adrenaline seekers the chance to step into an underwater steel cage to go one-on-one with the master of the depths.

Protected from the worst thrusts that they can muster, those that are brave enough to stare one of nature’s most efficient killers in the face will get the chance to do so via one of many boat tour operators in the Cape Town area.

4) Tour wine country

If you are looking for something just a bit more refined than coming within inches of certain death in an ice-cold ocean, then perhaps a day spent touring the vineyards of Stellenbosch will be more to your liking.

Situated only 52 kilometres from the center of Cape Town, those staying at accommodations there will be able to tour Stellenbosch’s vineyards on a day trip, but given this town’s charming nature, spending a few days here is the best way to soak in the flavor of this region.

In addition to sampling the best reds and whites of The Cape, you’ll also get a chance to see how they match up with various types of chocolate, cheese, meats and other foodstuffs. If you are a foodie, prepare yourself for a heavenly experience.