The Fashion Industry is embracing Plus Sizes and so are Online Retailers

The fashion industry is embracing plus sizes in recent years, as they have debuted models that have brought these customers into their target clientele. Models like Robin Lawley, Iskra Lawrence and Tess Holliday have increasingly brought the “plus size movement” into the mainstream through taking part in campaigns that promote body positivity. Despite the progress made in embracing this key demographic though, many plus size women still find themselves unable to access affordable and fashionable clothing – this is especially true for specialty items such as swimsuits. Regular brick and mortar department stores have been slow to make swimsuits in plus sizes available; even those that do might only be able to offer them in limited styles. However, this gap is increasingly being filled by plus size online retailers, giving curvier women the choices they’ve been looking for.

Shopping online for swimwear offers benefits such as convenience, variety, and the ability to compare prices across numerous stores. Shopping discreetly is also a major plus for those who may feel shy or uncomfortable trying on swimsuits in a store. There is little risk to doing this because many of these online retailers will provide refunds for purchases should the customer be unsatisfied. In addition, it’s also easier to acquire out of season items for unexpected instances such as an impromptu vacation.

The Fashion Industry is embracing Plus Sizes

The major advantage of a dedicated plus size retailer is that they have put in the proper research, and are focused on their core client; the plus size woman. Conventional fashion retailers aim to translate current trends into fashionable clothing. However, this may not always work in the plus size world, especially when it comes to intimate apparel such as lingerie and swimsuits. For instance,some of the current trends in swimsuits include cut-outs, one strap shoulders, and high cuts – these are styles that would not necessarily be flattering on all body types. On websites such as however, that cater to plus size women, you can find variations on these styles, make them appealing to women with larger figures; shopping at a retailer that understands this is key. If you want something trendy and sexy that offers comfort as well as confidence, look no further than the selection of plus size bathing suits at swimsuitsforall endorsed by Sports Illustrated cover model and plus size advocate Ashley Graham.

When designing swimsuits for the plus size customer, one of the most important elements is comfort, the other is that the swimsuits should be flattering to the wearer. Styles that achieve both these prerequisites include one-pieces, skirtinis, long sleeved swim tops, tankinis, and high-waisted bottoms. The focus for plus size women should be on darker colors to hide problem areas, and brighter colors to highlight flattering areas. Having the right support is crucial, and so strapless styles should be substituted for those that offer proper coverage.

Plus size online swimsuit retailers, because they have an understanding of this market, offer all these styles and more – they know their customers needs and requirements. They are finally giving plus size women access to fashionable items that would be ordinarily out of reach to them if their only option was to shop at a department store.