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Save big while you stay in shape with Groupon

Getting fit doesn't have to be expensive. If you're really motivated to stay in shape, you'll do whatever it takes, and if that means resorting to jogging around the park because you don't have money to go to the gym then so be it. Gym memberships and fitness courses are the alternatives, but if you think you don't have enough cash to afford this, maybe you'll be interested in the following tip. We've just stumbled upon Groupon's new fitness section, and we couldn't quite believe how many great

Groupon restyles itself as the Yellow Pages 2.0

Those with longer memories will no doubt recall the days when Groupon blazed a trail across the Web with its big-saving deal-a-day vouchers and coupons. Now, the website is hoping to reignite interest in its vouchers with a new business model that's focused on providing more than just heavy discounts. Groupon has reinvented itself as a business listings directory, somewhat similar to the Yellow Pages. The coolest part though, is that Groupon is still offering heavy discounts on just about everything