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Best additions to your outdoor spaces

While the front yard of your house may get some use from friends and family, your backyard is where you can truly relax in the outdoors without having to leave your property. As such, many new homeowners seek to make this space into a room like any other in their home. Whether you are about to hire a landscaping company like Stonemakers to make major adjustments to your backyard, or you are dead set on doing it yourself, it's best to know what would work best before you disturb a single blade

Adding a pool: should you do it?

Photo by CC user phoenixreguy on Flickr Should you add a pool? That’s a simple question, but there is no simple answer for homeowners. No matter where you live, adding a pool shouldn't be your first priority if you’re a new homeowner. Homes take more money and attention than most people realize, before buying their first house. Unless the house you live in was constructed especially for you, it likely has lots of stuff you need to focus on, like insulating above the ceiling, waterproofing