Retro Style Games For Kids

Marbles are just one of many Retro Style Games For Kids ... photo by CC user Karl Witkowski (public domain)

Once upon a time, there was no electricity or TV. However, kids way back still managed to keep themselves entertained. You may be wondering how that is possible. In these golden era, kids spent most of their times playing retro styled games that brought forward their creativity, developed their motor skills, and got them to move around. We have turned back the clocks to introduce to you some of the most popular old fashioned games from the past to brighten the present gaming experience for your kids.

Marbles have been around for centuries, and they are still considered as prized collectors’ item by various young enthusiasts worldwide. Back in the good old days, no childhood was complete without them having a container overflowing with marbles. Marble shooting is a game that has kept its popularity and undoubtedly defied the test of time. Whether your kids are outside on a summer day or inside on a rainy day, they can still enjoy playing marbles, and this can be one of the best TV-alternative for them. Beware though, as this retro game can be quite addictive.

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Coming back to your kids, you would most probably agree that the little hands of your kids could be provided with extra fun with just a piece of string. If your kids are looking for a great way to occupy their time, they could easily indulge in string games. Back in the days, most kids had their pockets filled with colourful strings and they used to take them out whenever they had the opportunity to do so. String games are known to be good for the memory as the kids can work their way through various string figures and experience a sense of achievement.

Whether your kids are alone or with a group of friends, they can get an extra dose of delight by playing hopscotch. This old fashioned game dates back to the mid-1600s, and it is still very popular in schools playgrounds around the world. All that your kids will need to start playing the game of hopscotch, are a masking tape to mark up the patterns of hopscotch, some chalk, along with pebbles for each player to throw in the squares. This can definitely guarantee to make your kids hopping their way with delight and a big smile on their face.