How to Really Lose Weight without Surgery

There are ways to Lose Weight without Surgery

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If you really want to lose weight without surgery, and you’re serious about becoming healthy, then the ReShape gastric balloon may be the answer. It is a unique, double balloon system that is fitted while also providing patients with lifestyle coaching and a fitness and nutrition plan. It is a clinically proven system that has helped thousands the world over, enabling people to once again embrace a happy, healthy future.

New Technology

The ReShape uses two balloons, connected together, to fill up the stomach. Once in place, people feel less hungry, which means they can eat reasonable portions instead.

Comprehensive Coaching

One of the things that sets the ReShape apart is that patients are kept accountable and motivated. They are provided with many online resources and tools for a full year. This enables them to make real lifestyle changes.

Proven Results and No Surgery

There has been a recent study that demonstrate the results of the ReShape are twice as good as those who only use diet and exercise. Furthermore, even after the balloons are removed, people would continue to either lose weight or keep the weight off.

Three Phases

Three phases are attached to ReShape, which are:

  1. Being ready. People receive a full evaluation and start to get educated about how to be successful.

  2. Jump start, which is when the balloons are inserted. They then stay there for six months, which helps to curb appetite and control portion sizes. Together with the personalized coaching, people will become used to eating healthy, exercising regularly, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Healthy living, which means that once the balloons are taken out, people can maintain their new lifestyle.

Elements to Success

Because ReShape uses two balloons, hunger is kept at bay. The balloons are filled with a saline solution, which makes them take up space in the stomach. As a result, people feel satisfied and fuller for longer. Two balloons are basically twice as good, because they can take up more space. As an added benefit, they are safer and it is easier for the balloons to take on the shape of a stomach.

How Does it Work?

  1. The balloons are inserted endoscopically, leaving no scars and requiring no incisions.

  2. Because it is non-surgical, and it is not permanent, there is no permanent change to your digestive system.

  3. It is completed on an outpatient basis, taking just 20 minutes. You don’t need to stay in hospital and can go back to your normal life straight away.

A Journey of a Year

Everybody loses weight in a personal way. With ReShape, they are provided with a full year of support from weight loss professionals, who focus on lifestyle habits and ensuring they become part of your day to day life. This approach looks at each patient’s personal needs, habits, and schedules.

Additionally, people receive regular, monthly appointments. Here, they can track progress and set new goals. This means working together with a team towards a common goal of permanent weight loss.