Dog Care 101: How Often Should You Take Your Dog out for a Walk?

Every dog needs its exercise, and so do the owners. That is why it is such a good idea to take your dog out for walks. But you may be wondering how often to walk your pup and for how long. There is no short answer here, but physical activity is an important part of any dog’s life. Consider your dog’s disposition, age, energy level, and overall health when engaging in walks and other physical activity with your dog.

Why Walk Your Dog

Walks are highly beneficial for your barker. Daily walks can help to develop a physically healthy and mentally stable animal. It allows them to release the energy that could go into eating up sofas, chasing its tail or barking at every leaf or person that goes past. Another reason regular structured walking is necessary is the maintaining of healthy bones and joints. Another reason to give your doggy regular walks is to allow for socialization with other dogs and handle its biological doggy business. And if your lifestyle, health or schedule prevents you from reaping these amazing benefits, there is always Doggy Daycare.

When to Walk

When to walk your dog will vary according to your schedule and the dog. If your dog is a little bit of a troublemaker while you are out of the house, you should strongly consider giving your dog a walk before you head out for the day. This will tire out Fido and you can worry less about what you may come home to at the end of your day. Whatever time of day you decide to walk your dog, you should do your best to be consistent. Consistency will allow your dog to know what to expect. If he knows a walk is coming, he may be able to fight off the urge to be destructive.


How often you walk your dog is ultimately up to you. Bear in mind your pup’s breed, size, and diet. Larger breeds tend to need more and longer walks, while smaller breeds will usually be fine with shorter and fewer walks. If your pooch has a small bladder, she will need more frequent trips outside. And if your dog is a high energy dog, he will definitely need more frequent walks.

One way to figure out how many walks your pet needs is to do a little experiment. Do it on a day when you have plenty of free time. Try giving your dog two 30 minute walks and see how his energy level is. You can also consult with your vet on what kind of walking schedule your dog needs.

And remember not to let your dog walk you. You are the leader of your pack. Invest in a good leash so you have more control over your dog and the walk itself. The more often you walk, the more opportunities you have to establish your position as the pack leader. Walking your dog should be fun and enjoyable, so take the time your pup needs and you’ll be glad you did.