Burglars Know Why To Avoid Secured Homes


Secured homes are less of a target for baddies ... photo by CC user Jan Prucha on wikimedia

We’re raising our kids in a world that’s very different from the one our parents raised us in. Predators and thieves are more numerous–and yet more inconspicuous–than ever before. Processes as simple as choosing a babysitter can open your door to someone who poses a very real threat to you.

As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. And a good security system goes further than you realize in deterring crime. When the company’s sign is in your yard and cameras are visible at each point of access, most criminals will move along to a softer target. The reasons are obvious, but some further detail is worth noting.

They Provide Uninterrupted Observation

“What was that?” How many moms have uttered that startled statement at the sound of a midnight thump or bump? Many husbands have subsequently staggered throughout the house, stubbing toes and waking children only to find it was nothing.

Security and surveillance can resolve these problems. Properly arming the system before bed ensures that any attempt to enter will trigger the alarm, and setting up video makes it easy to check for any activity inside or outside the home. The cameras can be monitored via smartphone, tablet, or TV, providing accurate and rapid information about just what the racket was. When home security systems utilize the combination of camera and alarm, homeowners won’t miss potential threats, because the equipment monitors all locations at all times.

So the would-be crook knows that dashing from shrub to shrub to avoid the homeowner’s flashlight beam simply isn’t enough, and the jig is up before it’s even started.

They Retain Details You Would Forget

In the moments of fear and confusion following some type of crime incident in or near your home, your memory can become incredibly unreliable. So when you’re attempting to describe a suspect, piece together a license plate number, or recall exactly who did what during the incident, you will find great uncertainty in your recollection.

As we’ve just noted, cameras don’t look away. They also don’t get nervous. They capture every detail and store it reliably. So when the officer wants to know the license plate of the suspicious vehicle, you don’t have to guess between 763 and 736. The camera will know–and so will the aspiring burglar. Next house, please.

This doesn’t just go for catching people, though. Should a bold thief get items from your home in spite of your security measures, the cameras will help document each and every item that leaves, helping with insurance claims and a potential criminal case.

They’re Always Home

With the exception of the rare home invasion crime, few thieves want to enter a home where someone is present. They will monitor the area and learn residents’ routines, then strike when they know you’re off to work, soccer practice, or church.

With an alarm and video system, the humans may leave but the protection never does. Midnight of your first night at the beach? The system is home. Christmas Day? It’s there. Criminals know they have zero chance of getting in undetected, no matter how thoroughly they may understand your habits.

There’s always a delicate balancing act between alertness and fear. No mom wants her kids to grow up feeling like their house is a fortress. But being aware of the threats that are out there and the effective means for managing them–including home surveillance video and an alarm system–is the surest way to strike that balance make sure that the home is where your kids always feel safest.