Best ways for moms to make money at home

What are the best ways for moms to make money at home?

Photo by CC user ErikaWittlieb on Pixabay

In recent years, moms that decided to stay home had been put in a tough position. Even if their partner made enough money for the entire family, mothers that had built a career had faced the prospect of their skills becoming stagnant.

They feared missing out on fulfilling employment opportunities, or they felt guilty not contributing financially to the household.

In the internet age however, it is easy for stay-at-home moms to be with the kids and make money at the same time. Below, we will go over the best ways for moms to make money at home.

1) Start a blog

Starting a blog may be hard work, but those that put in the effort can end up getting paid in the end. Pick a niche topic that you have a strong interest in, register a domain name and get a hosting account.

Once you have set up WordPress, get started writing the first of 100 different articles on your topic. If you can’t reach 100 despite brainstorming extensively, pick a different topic.

By learning various tactics with regards to marketing, list building, writing and other online tasks, you will end up building a skill set that can lead to a consistent income over time.

2) Try out being an adult phone operator

You might laugh or gasp, but becoming an adult phone operator is much more lucrative than you can imagine.

Not everybody can speak in a sultry tone of voice and concoct complex sexual fantasies on the spot, and the job’s lurid reputation drives many people away.

If you are willing to try your hands at adult phone chat however, you might find that the income that it generates for your household will overcome any awkwardness at the start of this gig.

3) Become a copywriter

If you can write in English at an acceptable level of competency, earning money as a copywriter can be a relatively easy way of earning some extra income.

While some gigs don’t pay much, articles that are expected to attract a lot of eyeballs pay much more. Build your reputation by first accepting jobs that pay little.

As you gain experience, you can this body of experience to successfully apply for positions that are more lucrative.

4) Set up an online consultancy

Many stay-at-home moms used to work in professions that required a college education. Rather than waiting for your kids to reach a certain age before re-entering the workforce, use the connectivity of the web to build your own consultancy.

By using the unique knowledge that you have of your field and combining it with Skype video consultations, you can assess and fix problems from the comfort of your own home office.

5) Turn your photography hobby into cash

If you enjoy photography as a hobby, you can turn your snaps into cold hard cash. By honing your craft to the point where you can sell your pictures to stock photography sites, you can earn an income that will make birthday and Christmas shopping much easier for the entire family.