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The Talk

You're feeling it's time, but it's a hard one to wrap your head around. He's asking questions, she's developing...Your child, who you still think is too young for some of this, is about ready for...the talk. Yes, the sex talk. But in reality, this should be an ongoing discussion starting at a young age and continue on through the years, not a one time talk. No parent looks forward to this, it's uncomfortable for everyone. But you have to be able to talk to your kid about this stuff, you know

Sweet 16 Party Venues

A sweet 16 birthday party is kind of a big deal. This is especially true for young ladies. If you have been deemed with the task of planning the ultimate sweet 16 party do not immediately slip into panic mode. Sweet 16 parties are actually pretty easy – not to mention fun – to plan and with the help of the right event venue and their catering staff, you can just dish out the orders, sit back and watch your vision come to life! What’s In a Sweet 16 Party? Um, more like what is not

Business people who have established flourishing careers: can they motivate your child?

Children have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning new things, and if they are interested in changing the world with some of their ideas, it's a good idea that they have a mentor that they can relate to. Having someone who can motivate your child can in fact change the way that child sees the world, and can give way to new ideas. If a child is interested in business, there are plenty of successful individuals in the world today who can offer them goals to help them achieve their dreams and

5 tips to keep kids safe online

In the 21st century, the internet has ushered in a new world where information, media and entertainment is easily accessible at the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, this free and easy access has made it very easy for our kids to access age-inappropriate material, and it has made it easier for people with malicious intent (like bullies or predators) to gain access to and harm our children. There are many amazing benefits that the net can confer upon today's kids, but it is vital that you take