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How Tennis Can Benefit Your Kids

When the school break comes along, like many parents you may be scrambling to find something for your kids do over the summer. Chances are that you have considered tennis lessons or camp as a way to keep them busy – tennis advocates like Chase Rubin would agree that this is a great option, because gaining skills in the sport of tennis can provide many benefits to your children in addition to giving them something to do over the break. Cardiovascular and Muscle Strength There are many

Beyond big hats and fancy dresses – how to win at the races!

When it comes time to head out for an afternoon of fun with the girls, there is nothing quite like an afternoon at the racetrack. Fancy dresses, fabulous hats, and flutes of champagne are all part of the experience, as is risking a bit of your spending cash in the hopes of hitting it big. A recent win got you thinking – what if I could rake it in consistently? It may not be easy to do, but unlike other forms of gaming, those armed with knowledge, discipline, and a logical mindset can