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How to Travel Safe with Children in Tow

Imagine flying with two kids, a toddler and an infant – and for the first time! When boarding a plane with small children in tow, you’ll irreversibly be plunged to many painstaking hours of shushing and appeasing. Oh the joy of traveling with children. With the family holidays fast approaching, you might already be planning your vacation. If your chosen destination requires a flight, and you have children with you, then it pays to do a lot of advanced planning. Here’s some tips on how to

Are Online Criminals a Threat to Your Family?

While dad may oftentimes be the muscle of the family, few would doubt that mom is no one to mess with either. For many moms, they are the true caretakers in the family, the ones who not only protect their children, but also got out of their way to make sure family life is as good as it can be. That said many moms also play lookout when it comes to fending off online criminals. With so many American homes sporting one or more computers, it comes as no big surprise that online criminals

Is online mature dating safe?

When we talk about dating, a lot of people assume that it is an activity reserved to young people, but this is far from being the truth. In fact there are many of us who are still single in our later years. This can be for many different reasons: we might not have ever found the right person for us, or some of us have lost our previous partner. Either way, there are many people in their 50’s who are looking around for love and companionship, and there is no reason why those people shouldn’t

Burglars Know Why To Avoid Secured Homes

  We're raising our kids in a world that's very different from the one our parents raised us in. Predators and thieves are more numerous--and yet more inconspicuous--than ever before. Processes as simple as choosing a babysitter can open your door to someone who poses a very real threat to you. As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. And a good security system goes further than you realize in deterring crime. When the company's sign is in your yard and cameras are visible