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3 Tips for Getting Back Into the Dating World

For moms ready to re-enter dating following a divorce or breakup, will this prove fruitful? Although everyone’s experiences will be different, some trends tend to form over time. For instance, online dating has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. With the Internet in many homes, it should not come as a surprise the worldwide web (see more below) is playing a big role. As such, online dating can be both good and bad for those partaking in it. On

Will You Secure the Best Online Protection?

As if moms do not have enough to do, how about the title of chief home computer protector? For many moms nationwide, they do everything and then some, keeping their families safe from outside intrusions. One of the biggest intruders trying to get into your home these days is identity theft. With identity theft thieves all over the world, it does not take much imagination to think about all the damage they can do, even if they are only able to strike once and for a short time at that. That

Do Your Family Computers Have a Target on Them?

Moms know just about better than anyone what’s important and what’s not important to the family. In many homes, getting on the Internet is a daily occurrence. With that being the case, it is vital that families have online security in place, lessening the chances of becoming victims of cyber-criminals and/or online predators. But how do you know which line of security best suits your online needs? No matter which brand you select, the goal is to always keep your family computers from

Parents Need to Maintain Internet Security

In many households nationwide, laptop and desktops abound. Yes, even while mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to be scooped up by consumers, the more traditional desktop or laptop computers still have a solid standing in America’s homes. That being the case, using the Internet safely should still be the top priority anytime someone gets online. Otherwise, they could be exposing themselves and family members to cyber-attacks and even worse. So, how can parents make