Have A CAB Arrange Your Next Loan

Many people are turned off by the thought of small dollar loans due to their limited repayment terms. The typical cash advance needs to be repaid by the date of the borrower’s next pay day, which is unfortunately too short of a time frame for many people in Texas. Low-income individuals simply don’t have the income to accommodate the repayment of a loan on top of their regular responsibilities. Yet, without the help of a small dollar loan, they may fail to cover emergency expenses they can’t avoid.

Have A CAB Arrange Your Next Loan

But who’s to say the typical advance is all that’s available for struggling individuals? A Credit Access Business (CAB) can locate loans with repayment terms that exceed the typical 2–4 weeks between paychecks. By contacting unaffiliated third-party lenders in the state, they can arrange an installment loan that has a term as long as 4 months. You can click here for online installment loans fact or continue reading below to learn how they do this.

In Texas, a CAB receives their authorization as a business from the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. This license, as well as certification as a Credit Services Organization as endorsed by the State of Texas, allows them to act as a broker for financial products on the behalf of their customers. The process is streamlined to ensure simplicity. Though they may interact with another company on your behalf, they will arrange and service the loan, so you only have to worry about one point of contact.

The repayment schedule you follow will be determined after you qualify. Depending on your situation you may be responsible for 7 equal, bi-weekly payments, or you may be awarded a schedule that involves 4 equal, monthly payments. Once you’ve been approved, the schedule you must follow will be made clear to you. That’s because a CAB is determined to make borrowing money a simple, hassle-free experience for their customers. They don’t want you to be caught up by over-complicated language that obscures the true terms and conditions of your installment loan. They use straightforward, comprehensible language so you know what you’re signing up for.

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